Do you know that so many people’s computer files are trapped because of viruses that targeted on social networking websites?
Do you know that a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute reveals that the use of networking websites can increase user’s vulnerability to identity theft because of the personal information people share on various social networking websites?
Based on security researchers, one virus currently targeting users of social networking is apparently aiming at Facebook. The malware came comes in through a wall post and any account actually link to the wall post might be hijacked prior to the dispatcher of the messages. Though the messages do not contain a virus, but have a link in the message that leads on to a virus contaminated website.
A security software firm currently reveals how Facebook gaming software farm-town or Farm-ville is exhibiting adverts containing virus-contaminated website links. When the advertisement links are been clicked the user is informed that his/her PC is infected with malware and suggests that the user must scrutinize it through a related malicious website. This malware can either destroy the user’s hard drives or gather the user personal data without the user’s knowledge (that I call stealing by trick).
Furthermore, the Google Social Networking platform known as Orkut was also hit by a worm called “Bom Sabado”. (which means “Good Saturday in Portuguese and Brazil). The worm was a javascript virus that spreads automatically on its own through Orkut Scraps.
The worm auto-creates messages that might look like a scrap from your buddy. The hidden malicious java code with scrap hacks into anyone’s profile that clicks on the scrappage. It then steals the person’s browser cookies and spread itself by posting similar scraps to other users on the person profile using his/her name.
However, you can be sure of full protection from any online identity theft, hacker, malware or virus by having a good antivirus software solution that is well up to date and can frequently scan your personal computer, laptop, and Smartphones, etc. This without a doubt is the best defense you can have against viruses from social networking websites, emails or any other suspicious website links.
Come to think of it, users devoted to social networking websites are on the increase daily. Websites such as Facebook with more than 500 million active users and Myspace with 110 million monthly active users and is continuously expanding daily.


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